Iron Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali Get Covered

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Iron Mike Tyson and  Muhammad Ali Get Covered
Heroic boxer, political activist and general, all around great bloke, Muhammad Ali is to give Electronic Arts' Fight Night Round 4 (due this year) a huge lump of credibility by featuring as one of its two cover stars.

Ali will be joined by misunderstood/savage former heavyweight champ, 'Iron' Mike Tyson as the face of the game.

The EA sell-speech for the game actually says, "These two boxing icons finally come face to face in Fight Night Round 4". Well, that's if you ignore the Arsenio Hall show (see below at about 2m:14s).

Of course, EA means that you can match the fighters in-game... and we should stop being quite so pedantic.


DoctorDee 9 Mar 2009 15:18
Great footage. Shame Ali is a shadow of his former self whren it comes to verbal sparring. And shame they had to compress the audio so much you can't hear nothing.
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