Worldend Syndrome - PS4

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Worldend Syndrome (PS4)
Also for: Switch
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: Blu-Ray Arcade origin:No
Developer: Arc System Works Soft. Co.: Arc System Works
Publishers: Pqube (GB)
Released: 14 Jun 2019 (GB)


Developed by the studio famous for not only exceptional fighting games, but also a variety of outstanding indies, WORLDEND SYNDROME combines the thrills of love and mystery. Meet the beautiful characters designed by Yuki Kato, lead artist of the BLAZBLUE franchise, explore the picturesque seaside town and discover a nightmare that seems to recur every 100 years.

"The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves - Mihate-chou is a gorgeous town!", the new transfer student thought as he walked to his new home for the first time. The years at his former school had not been particularly pleasant, so he was happy to find a scenery that seemed to be colorful and bright - almost inviting.

As the first weeks passed, the exchange student grew more and more skeptical, as life has taught him that every rose has its thorn. What could this town's "thorn" be? He found friends in class, joined a club, enjoyed coming home after school and some girls even seemed to be interested in him. This place was too perfect to be true and he started to become scared of what was hiding below its surface.

Disappearance incidents and corpses coming back to life every 100 years? What. A. Joke.

Arc System Works brings a new visual novel to the West! Mixing romance with murders and the living dead, World End Syndrome is a gripping story that will make you shiver but ask for more! Arrive in a beautiful seaside town and join the local school's clubs, before a dead body drifts on the shores of the river and it's up to you and your friends to figure out if the legend of the Yomibito is true and what it means for the town...

A new visual novel from Japan
Discover a new mystery story mixing romance with murder and the living dead!

Take the lead
Play as a male protagonist with a murky past and transfer to a new school where things take an unexpected turn...

Welcome to Mihate-chou
Arrive in the picturesque seaside town and enjoy the scenery and the girls in swimsuits!

An intriguing local legend
The year of the Yomibito -or People of the Underworld- where the dead come back to life every 100 years.

Join the Mystery Research Club
Resolve inexplicable incidents around town, giving you clues to further the main story.

A relaxing summer?
After a high school girl goes missing, her body is found in the river. Could this be the year of the Yomibito...?

Free exploration of the map
Visit each location during morning, afternoon or evening to meet different characters!

Romance 5 girls across your story
Build your affection with each girl through a meter system and get multiple endings for each heroine!

A summer of love
Meet charming characters full of personality and get a sweet yukata ending at the summer festival!

A complete route
Only by clearing the routes with each girl first will you be able to piece together the final mystery of the deaths in town!


Worldend Syndrome - PS4 Artwork