Gear.Club Unlimited 2 - Switch

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Gear.Club Unlimited 2 (Switch)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Racing: Car
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Eden Games Soft. Co.: Microids
Publishers: Microids (GB)
Released: 4 Dec 2018 (GB)


In Gear.Club Unlimited 2, players will race along more than 1,800 miles of roads at the wheel of the most beautiful cars made by top manufacturers. The frantic races will take them across varied environments, such as snowy mountains, wooded valleys, desert roads and heavenly coasts, as part of championships, missions and challenges.

As they progress through the game, players will need to upgrade their vehicles to climb the rankings, using the seven workshops in their specially equipped garage the performance shop. Here, they will also be able to visually customize their vehicles by applying paint and personalized stickers, and changing the bumpers, hood, side skirts or spoiler. Gear.Club Unlimited 2 will feature a roster of 51 cars from 22 big-name manufacturers.

In their garage a key feature of the Gear.Club Unlimited franchise players will not only be able to admire their growing collection of cars, but customize them to make them unique and more powerful. And drivers are nothing without their club: players can create and manage their own club, and will have to recruit the best drivers to take on rival clubs from all over the world in order to reach the top of the podium.