The Surge 2 - Xbox One

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The Surge 2 (Xbox One)
Also for: PS4
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: Blu-Ray Arcade origin:No
Developer: Deck 13 Soft. Co.: Deck 13
Publishers: Focus Home Interactive (GB)
Released: 24 Sept 2019 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 18+
Accessories: Xbox One X Enhanced
Features: HDR10


You're on your way to Jericho City, but suddenly your plane isn't flying so much as falling. You wake up weeks later in a derelict detention facility. When you stumble outside you see soldiers packing serious armour enforcing martial law; robots (so many robots) rampaging through the city and a forboding storm of nanobots looming over the city. You're back in the world of The Surge, Deck13's souls-like action RPG, where killing robots is the name of the game.

For The Surge 2 developer Deck13 has really build out the world it created. This sequel takes you to Jericho City, a blasted urban environment coming to terms with aftermath of the 'CREO incident' from the first game. It's a bolder, brighter world than the CREO facility of the first game, cut through with daylight and some creepy neon robots. There are more NPCs around, too, dishing out quests and slowly peeling back the layers of the world you're exploring.

One welcome change is the addition of a robust character creator. You can choose your character's gender and then go a host of options to get them just so.

Once you're into the game there are hundreds of ways to customise your rig, leading to plenty of ways to get created in the spectacular fights you find yourself in. The limb-targeting system from the first game returns, expanded, offering plenty of ways for you to mutilate your foes.

The robots are coming. Think of The Surge 2 as training.


The Surge 2 - Xbox One Artwork