Minecraft: Wii U Edition - Wii U

Also known as: Minecraft: Master Collection', 'Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition', 'Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition', 'Minecraft: Super Plus Pack', 'Minecraft: Wii U Edition', 'Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition', 'Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition', 'Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

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Minecraft: Wii U Edition (Wii U)
Requires: Wii U Gamepad
Also for: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, PSVita, PS3, Xbox 360
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Adventure: Free Roaming
Activity: Cognitive Skills
Practical: Creativity
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: 4J Studios Soft. Co.: Microsoft Game Studios
Publishers: Mojang (GB)
Released: 30 Jun 2016 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 7+
Accessories: Wii U Pro Controller


After setting a phenomenal trend on PC and selling tremendously well on numerous consoles, Mojang’s incredibly addictive world-creation game Minecraft has made the jump to the Wii U!

The charm of Minecraft is in its crude, blocky graphics. As you wander about a seemingly empty map, you soon learn to use your trusty pickaxe to chisel away the environment around you. Doing so not only allows you to rebuild the entire map as you see fit, but can also throw up a number of interesting surprises.

Play in creative mode, taking your pick to the environment to whatever you can conceive of. Create buildings, caverns, landmarks... you’re only limited by your imagination. If you like, you can invite a bunch of friends along to help you build a masterpiece worthy of showing the entire world.

Alternatively, use your building skills to stay alive in survival mode. Be quick about it, because at night monsters come out to play, so you need to make sure that you have made preparations for you (and your friends) to stay safe until dawn.

This Wii U Edition contains the base game, as well as numerous other content packs released since Minecraft first appeared. Nintendo fans are also in for a special treat if they take their console online. The free downloadable Super Mario Mash-Up Pack gives players 40 new Super Mario-themed skins, including the likes of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach and trouble-makers like Bowser and Wario. World and item textures will also be redone, meaning players can build their own Mario-based landscape while listening to 15 pieces of music from Super Mario 64.