Airbus A318/A319 - PC

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Airbus A318/A319 (PC)
Requires: Mouse, Keyboard
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Add-on pack
Simulation: Flight
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Aerosoft Soft. Co.: Aerosoft
Publishers: Aerosoft (GB)
Released: 7 Nov 2014 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI No rating


The Aerosoft Airbus products have always been highly focused on simulating the task of the Captain. The aircraft is nothing more than a `tool` for that, but to do a serious simulation of the task you need a seriously simulated aircraft.

The Aerosoft A318/A319 contains all our latest developments and ideas. All the systems that are used in day to day flights are simulated with great attention to detail. This includes a Weather Radar that is a unique Aerosoft development and that is fully functional without the need for a specific weather add-on!

The Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 contains many modules that are normally costly add-ons. For example we include a 100% working copy of FS2Crew RAAS (limited to our aircraft), a highly advanced semi-automated audio checklist, a co-pilot that assist you and a very complex audio environment.

General features:

- Simulation of the Airbus A318 and A319 focused on the day to day operation of the aircraft from the left seat

- Late model cockpit (with LCD and updated ADIRS)

- Sublime modeling/texturing based on the latest technologies. Very easy on frame-rates.

- All lights created with the best technology which actually lights objects up

- Dozens of non-standard animations, all with sound effects (sun screens, windows, tables, tiller, jump seat, standby compass, drooping flight surfaces etc). All main doors and cargo hatches can be opened. Extensive options to show ground objects (cones, ground power etc) and to actually provide ground power

- Included web server that allows you to access (and use) the MCDU via any web browser; ideal for tablet computers

- Many systems programmed in XML to allows users to change code

- Extensive manuals, with highly detailed step-by-step document, Checklist and procedures also available in eBook format

- Prepared for Airport Enhancement Services. Fully compatible with GSX.

- SDK will be available, LINDA connectivity available

- Add-in system that allows the aircraft to be extended with 3rd party applications (all using the right MCDU)

- Add-in View system: adds many pre-defined views for easy use, emulates 2D panel views

- Add-in Sound system: adds hundreds of background sounds to enhance the immersion

- Add-in Checklist system: semi-automated audio checklists