Ground Environment X Tropics Atlantic & Pacific: World Edition - PC

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Ground Environment X Tropics Atlantic & Pacific: World Edition (PC)
Requires: Mouse, Keyboard
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Simulation: Flight
Add-on pack
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Flight 1 Soft. Co.: Flight 1
Publishers: Aerosoft (GB)
Released: 3 May 2013 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI No rating


Flight One Software is proud to present the latest Ground Environment X version: Ground Environment X Tropics Atlantic & Pacific for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Ground Environment X Tropics Atlantic & Pacific represents our new approach in texture design, incorporating high level detail graphics in the default Flight Simulator X 1-meter texture resolution format. This delivers a hi-fidelity image without using excessive disk space or processor power. Our design allows a simulation pilot to enjoy clearly defined visuals from nearly ground level up to higher altitudes.

Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to Flight Simulator X, at an incredible 1m per pixel texture resolution, using native 1024x1024 images.

It replaces all seasons and adds meticulously designed night textures too. The latest techniques in autogen placement and alignment give maximum density and can even improve performance!

Each edition comes on DVD-ROM and upgrades vast swathes of scenery into something that now looks ‘right’, whatever the time or season. The 2D enhancements really do give a remarkable new depth and detail to your scenery.

What’s the view like from your window?

These are just a taste of the features included each great value region package:

The easy-to-use interface is designed with Flight1`s "keep-it-simple yet powerful" philosophy, the package installs with a couple of clicks and includes special enhancements for the Ultimate Terrain X series of products.

North America provides complete coverage of the USA and Canada (including Alaska).

Backs up your default textures then replaces them with high-resolution hand crafted images giving extremely realistic 3D looking detail continent wide!

High performance, perfectly aligned and extreme density autogen.

All seasons including “snowy” winter and realistic custom designed night textures and lighting enhance your flight sim experience whenever you choose to fly.

Enhanced textures, derived from licensed Arial and Satellite imagery, assist in rendering clear visuals as low as 250-500ft.

High volume autogen layout with optimizations for maximum performance.

1m/pixel - 1024x1024 Textures - No excessive resolution to render.

Full texture support for SceneryTech and Xclass landclass products.

2D enhancements produce simulated 3D depth in textures.

FSX tree render issue addressed in autogen annotation.

Highly detailed aerial views.

Natural seasonal blending