Bang Bang Racing - PS3

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Also for: PC, Xbox 360
Viewed: 2.5D Third person, into the screen Genre:
Media: Download Arcade origin:No
Developer: Digital Reality
Publishers: Namco Bandai Partners (GB)
Released: Apr 2012 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+


Get ready to put the pedal to the metal as Digital Reality roars its engine with Bang Bang Racing, a new fast-paced family-friendly game. Bang Bang Racing is the complete racing experience – speed your way along every course while fine-tuning your technical driving skills. The intuitive control system and the exciting tracks provide endless fun for every member of the family. Be fast, be furious and be one step ahead of your competitors by finding shortcuts, repairing your car in the pit lane, dominating your opponents from the top-down view and more!

Bang Bang Racing is visually stunning and appeals to all members of the family by featuring multiple exotic racing locations from all around the world, nine challenging reversible circuits varied with unique shortcuts, 20 unique vehicles and eight colourful skins, all spread across four distinct classes, including racing muscle cars, stock car series, world endurance championship and formula one open wheels cars. Take on your friends in Bang Bang Racing in local split screen multiplayer (up to four players), and prove your dominance by earning and showing off your honors and achievements with extensive Friends and Global Leaderboards! Face dynamic, interactive objects like cones or exploding barrels that make every race unpredictable, be sure to pay attention to the variable surface conditions that will affect how your car performs, like snow, sand, water and oil.

Bang Bang Racing delivers fast-paced racing around every corner and white-knuckle excitement down every straight. With a distinct style and unforgettable racing experience, Bang Bang Racing is sure to bring the entire family together.