Puzzler: Volume 1 - PC

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Puzzler: Volume 1 (PC)
Requires: Mouse, Keyboard
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Merge Games Soft. Co.: Merge Games
Publishers: Merge Games (GB)
Released: 30 Sept 2011 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 7+


Product Features:

. Over 1200 brand new puzzles
. ‘Special Edition Platinum Puzzle Pack’ offers three discs in one pack with bonus puzzle magazine
. Disks include: Puzzler Crosswords, Puzzler Arrowords and Puzzler Wordsearch
. A variety of different themes and grid styles with an easy-to-use search function
. Play on-screen or print out your puzzles
. Hint feature to help with troublesome clues
. Save any unfinished puzzle and return at your convenience
. An easy-to-use format offering great entertainment for the whole family