Get Up And Dance - Wii

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Get Up And Dance (Wii)
Also for: PS3
Viewed: 3D Third person, into the screen Genre:
Rhythm: Dance
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Gusto Games Soft. Co.: O-Games
Publishers: O-Games (GB)
Released: 4 Nov 2011 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
No Accessories: No Accessories


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Dancing games are some of the most accessible in the world. All you need is the confidence (not even so much the ability) to believe you can boogie all night long to the sweet sounds of your favourite pop or rock song. Following the precedent set by Dance Central and Just Dance, O-Games presents the hip-hopping Get Up and Dance for those who just can’t get enough of that swagger.

Featuring a number of classic disco songs and contemporary pop songs, Get Up and Dance comes complete with all the modes you need for a great party. Up to eight players can get involved in the flagship Party Mode, with extra gameplay modifiers like Last Man Standing and Tug of War adding spice to the proceedings.

If dancing competitively isn’t your thing, then how about co-operatively? Form a dance group of your very own and take on a whole range of tracks together and beat that high score. Crack the talent competition within and you’ll be tested even further. A tracklist can be found below.

- Black Kids – ‘I Am Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance’
- Girls Aloud – ‘The Promise’
- Gwen Stefani – ‘What You Waiting For’
- Jessie J – ‘Nobody’s Perfect’
- La Roux – ‘Bulletproof’
- Marina & The Diamonds – ‘Hollywood’
- Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Poison’
- Noisettes – ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’
- Pussycat Dolls – ‘Don’t Cha’
- Rizzle Kicks – ‘Down With The Trumpets’
- Taio Cruz – ‘Come On Girl’
- Timbaland featuring Katy Perry – ‘If We Ever Meet Again’
- Apache Indian – ‘Boom Shack-A-Lak’
- Barenaked Ladies – ‘One Week’
- Billy Ray Cyrus – ‘Achy Breaky Heart’
- De La Soul – ‘Me Myself and I’
- Gina G – ‘Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit’
- Pulp – ‘Common People’