Simcheck Airbus A300B4-200 - PC

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Simcheck Airbus A300B4-200 (PC)
Viewed: Combination First-person / Third-person Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: SimCheck Soft. Co.: SimCheck
Publishers: Aerosoft (GB)
Released: 26 Mar 2010 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Following four years of research and development, SimCheck has served up the classic Airbus A300B4-200! The A300B4-200 was the third incarnation of the A300 after the B1 and the B2 series featuring increased fuel tank volume and a longer range. The cockpit still consisted of purely analogue instruments.

The SimCheck A300B4 package includes the -200 passenger version and the -203 cargo version in different liveries.

Building a state-of-the-art aircraft simulation for FSX is not for the faint at heart. It takes skill, knowledge and a lot of patience. The external model and virtual cockpit ofd the SimCheck A300B4-200 incorporate the latest modeling developments in animation, reflection and lighting built into the FSX simulator engine.

The model includes features like: automatically extending and retracting landing light, separate opening and closing of all the doors and cargo doors, working windshield wipers, aileron droop, wing flexing, and much much more. The panel simulates all the aircraft systems to a very high detail. Not only does the aircraft boast 3 hydraulics systems for instance, they are actually connected to the correct controls.

The external model was developed with 3DSMax and contains all the latest features available in FSX. This means that model will not work properly in FS9.

Some special features:
- Bump bitmaps
- APU door
- Detailed landing gear modeling including pneumatics leads
- Ground power unit
- Forward and aft stairs
- Animated cargo loader
- Aileron droop
- Low speed aileron movement properly simulated
- Speedbrake panel extension as realistic as you have ever seen

Virtual cockpit

- Extremely detailed texturized 3D cockpit environment for maximum immersion using 3D animated switches, handles and gear levers where appropriate whilst maintaining high frame rates.


- Independent captains and first officers panel
- PID controlled autopilot and autothrottle functions
- INS navigation based on the CIVA INS
- Where necessary we have added ultra smooth running gauges using GDI+ technology
- Systems programming based on the actual aircraft systems, in many cases independent from standard FSX implementations


- Custom made external sound package using the latest 3D mapping technology available in FSX and based on on real life recordings!
- Extensive set of cockpit sounds based on recordings made in the real aircraft and in the simulator
- Speedbrake rumble
- Gear wind sound

Special features

- As an extra user friendly option, we have added the ability for the INS to load FSX (XML-based) flightplans. This will reduce the workload in the cockpit for those who don't like to enter individual waypoint coordinates manually
- Flight calculator: this little .NET program allows you to load passengers or cargo, calculate the initial optimum cruising level for your flight, fuel required and estimated flight time.