Bakugan Battle Trainer - DS/DSi

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Viewed: Not known Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: Corus Entertainment
Publishers: Activision (US)
Released: Aug 2010 (US)


In Bakugan Battle Trainer, Bakugan fans find out first hand what happens before and after the brawls. Players master the secrets of training their Bakugan while choosing how to improve their skills and abilities with an in-depth training mode that helps their Bakugan excel at all aspects of battling. Ultimately, players send their rigorously trained creatures into battle with a mission to free their imprisoned brethren from the enemy's hold. Beyond this ingenious style of play, the classic elements of Bakugan are in place - collect up to 30 creatures, intense battle action, and the ability to improve your rank by defeating opponents.