Mega Match - PC

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Viewed: Combination Combination Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: EGames
Publishers: Greenstreet (GB)
Released: Jul 2008 (GB)
Ratings: ESRB Everyone


A super-charged, arcade-action, over-the-top collection that takes extremely popular matching games to a whole new level! Unbelievably addictive with 5 game types, 100's of variations and 3 difficulty levels - endless entertainment guaranteed in one great package!
KEY FEATURES: 5 Game Types: Classic - Simply click on matching items to eliminate them. Choose from 18 different objects, including Balls, Coins, Bugs, Gems, Snow Flakes, Bubbles, Stars, Flowers and more! If you get stuck you can use the "shifters" which will push the objects left, right, up or down. Use the shifters wisely, you will only get 5 of them until you make another match.
Double Trouble: Left Click the elements to eliminate them by colour or right click to eliminate by shape. Choose from 18 unique objects, such as puzzle pieces, flags, symbols, letters, leaves and more.
Puzzle Mode - this mode requires quite a bit of thinking! Figure out how to match all of the objects on the board just right to eliminate all of them! There's 100 Unique levels and 18 objects to choose from allowing for tons of possibilities
Word Search - exciting word game variation where clever use of bombs will be required to eliminate all of the letters from the board! Use the "shifters" in order to align letters to form words. Once words are made, they will explode away. Form several words at once to get chain reactions!
Playing Cards - eliminate the cards by Kind or Suit. With wild cards acting like Bombs to help you out.