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Viewed: Not known Genre:
Adventure: Point and Click
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Cing Soft. Co.: Cing
Publishers: Tecmo Koei Europe (US)
Released: 31 Mar 2010 (US)


From the makers of Hotel Dusk comes the new crime mystery title, AGAIN. Featuring a captivating story full of suspense, unexpected surprises and unique visual presentation, Cing’s latest creation takes the text-adventure genre to a whole new level.

The story begins 19 years ago when an unsolved series of murders shook up the town of Clockford. At the crime scenes, detectives find a crucial piece of evidence linking the crimes together—a torn piece of a dollar bill, showing the Eye of Providence. In present day, another string of murders have started again with the same piece of evidence, convincing detectives to reopen the case. As FBI Agent Jonathan Weaver, you will follow the clues using his Past Vision powers and navigate through a fictitious adaptation of an early 90’s crime-ridden New Jersey. In addition to uncovering the story, you will learn of each character’s background, stories that are interesting within themselves.

Game Features:

• CSI style Storyline: AGAIN presents an intriguing, suspenseful storyline full of unexpected twists
• Dual Vertical Screens—Past and Current Vision: Explore the clues of crime scenes by using “Past Vision” powers, and uncover secrets of the evidence in “Current Vision”
• Stylized Presentation: Live a novel, players hold the DS in a vertical orientation. There are dual 3D screens, a unique interface, and a use of actors and past events played out in full-motion video sequences
• Mind Bending Puzzles: Advance your way through cases by solving puzzles to get one step closer to unveiling the mystery.