Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days - PSP

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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP)
Viewed: 3D Isometric, Scrolling Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Strategy: Combat
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: Nippon Ichi Soft. Co.: NIS America
Publishers: NIS America (GB)
Released: 5 Feb 2010 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
No Accessories: No Accessories


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The Disgaea series has had something of a cult following since its PS2 introduction in 2004. Now the series is being re-introduced for handheld platforms, with the second outing in the anime RPG franchise to hit the PlayStation Portable. The revamp of the 2006 Netherworld adventure comes with a heap of new content to entertain old and new fans.

The game is set in Veldime, a once-utopian land that was plunged into darkness by the evil Overlord Zenon. Zenon's curse transformed the human population into demons, with each passing day removing their memories and securing their place as slaves. Fifteen years later, three different characters aim to take part in the ritual for Zenon; his mistakenly resurrected daughter Rozalin, the human demon hunter Adell, and an assassin from another Netherworld – Etna.

Featuring a whole heap of character and weapon customisation on the go, along with 9999 levels to keep you busy and an infinite number of randomised battle maps when participating in quests, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days also comes with a number of improvements over its predecessor in terms of gameplay.

The Court System allows you to grab some extra rewards by picking up subpoenas – these will allow you to present yourself in a court full of Prinnies and declare your crimes. The more crimes you do, the better your reward. The world of Disgaea twists the accepted convention of good versus evil, by letting you play as the bad guy in a bad guy's world, where not even the Overlord is safe from his minions. Go forth and slay Zenon!