Clever Kids: Pony World - DS/DSi

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Clever Kids: Pony World (DS/DSi)
Also for: PC, PS2
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Midas (GB)
Released: 21 Nov 2008 (GB)


* Pony World Stables – visit where all the ponies live, have a look around and discover amazing facts about your favourite breeds and their environment
* Pony Puzzles – put the shapes in the right place to build a pony and unlock features and games. Sounds simple but you’ll have to twist and turn to get it right!
* Target Range – Go against the clock and solve the pony mathematics questions. Will the Dales, New Forest or another pony have the right answer for you?
* Pony fact file - learn everything you could want to know about your favourite ponies – what they look like, how they behave and what they’re good at, as well as how to care for them and feed them – literally hundreds of facts about ponies
* Spot the Difference – All ponies look a bit different but can you spot the differences between two that are all tacked up and ready to go out?
* Pony Grooming – bring your muddy pony in from the paddock and clean him up so he can win a rosette
* Pony Quiz – take the Pony quiz to see if you have remembered all your facts – are you the stable hand or the stable master?
* Sliding Puzzles – move the pieces and solve the jumbled puzzle
* Find the Pony – match the ponies with the same colours and markings or find the two eating carrots!
* Passcode protection – once you have completed a level you get a code to keep and use later
* PonyMeter – Check your progress in pony terms – are you a cute, little Shetland or an impressive, skilled Connemara?