Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - PSP

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Also for: Wii, PS2
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: LucasArts Soft. Co.: LucasArts
Publishers: Activision (GB)
Released: 12 Jun 2009 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 16+


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Who would have thought that archaeology could be so much fun? A career option once met with wrinkled noses and rolling eyes, now the act of kneeling in trenches, fixedly brushing dirt from half buried artefacts is amongst the ranks of astronaut and fighter pilot in the "when I grow up" league. And that's all thanks to one man; the legendary, Indiana Jones. Forget Lara Croft's shameless hunt for riches while slaying on endangered animals, the globe-trotting escapades of Indy are where archaeology got rather cool.

Set in the year 1939, the rogue archaeologist's epic new adventure takes players from San Francisco's Chinatown to the lush jungles of Panama, in a race for a relic of biblical proportions - the Staff of Moses.

The game features interactive environments, where players need to call upon their wits and daring to make each spring-loaded environment a weapon in order to dispense of foes in clever and unexpected ways. Players use Indy's trusty whip to navigate the challenging terrain, engaging in fist and gun fights to battle through ruthless opposition as Jones spars with his nemesis, Magnus Völler.

Embark upon thrilling action sequences that remain true to the spirit established in scenes from the movies, such as Indy's pursuit of the motorcade in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mine cart chase in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and the free-for-all aboard the tank in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Additionally, the PSP version features a variety of "burst" gameplay modes - perfect for the "pick-up and play" moments suited to handheld gaming. They include combat and physics challenges, puzzles and those trademark Indiana Jones chase sequences.