Kitty Luv - PC

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Kitty Luv (PC)
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Simulation: Virtual Pet
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: GSP (GB)
Released: 2006 (GB)


Kitty Luv - PC Screen

Kitty Luv - PC Screen

Kitty Luv - PC Screen


Owning a kitten can be a big responsibility. With Kitty Luv you care for and raise your very own virtual kitten, carrying out all the duties that go along with owning a real pet. You have to feed her, groom her, keep her litter tray clean, and keep her well entertained. But the rewards outweigh the hard work - watch as your kitten plays happily with a ball of string and purrs as you stroke her soft fur!

Key Features

  • Includes Tabby, Russian Blue, Siamese, Exotic, Abyssinian & Shorthair

  • Watch your kitten grow as you take care of all her needs

  • Develop a bond with your kitten by keeping her well fed, watered and the litter box clean

  • Have fun with your kitten by playing with toys, bubble blowers, laser pointers, balls of wool etc.

  • Teach your kitten tricks, rolling over, sitting and more

  • Dress your kitten up with collars and bows in different patterns and colours

  • Four different rooms and two outdoor locations to visit