PlayWize Poker & Casino - PS2

Also known as: PayOut Poker & Casino

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Also for: PSP
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Gambling: Blackjack/Poker
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: BITS Studios Soft. Co.: BITS Studios
Publishers: Namco (US)
505 Games (GB)
Released: 27 Oct 2006 (GB)
Unknown (US)
Ratings: BBFC PG, ESRB Teen 13+ (T)
Features: Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only
Accessories: Memory Card


PlayWize Poker & Casino for the PS2 allows you to explore a Las Vegas-style resort from the comfort of your own home. Players can roam freely around four fully 3D virtual casinos, teeming with fellow gamblers to speak to and featuring slot machines, poker games, multiple dice tables and much more besides.

Every casino has a great selection of entertaining and well-known games. Some of the table games include craps, red dog, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. There are countless video poker consoles and slot machines lining the walls that should keep virtual gamblers amused. Players can - if they wish - give the classic Wheel of Fortune a spin. Poker fans are also catered for in designated poker rooms away from the prying eyes on the casino floor. The poker games on offer include Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha High, Super Hold 'Em, Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple.

Players earn stars by gambling intelligently, starting off at the small Egyptian Kings Casino. As more stars are earned, more exclusive casinos become available for players to explore. This culminates in a super casino called Skies The Limit, where only the very rich and powerful are allowed to play.

At the start of the game, players are encouraged to customise their onscreen alter-egos from a selection of player models and outfits. Each of the four casinos has its own boutique where players can purchase designer clothes and blinging accessories to show the world just what a successful gambler they are.

PlayWize Poker & Casino features an innovative context-sensitive control system that allows for the maximum amount of commands at the player's disposal. Some of the commands in the game include bluffing, taunting rivals, raising and lowering bets, blowing on dice for luck and even flirting with fellow gamblers.


PlayWize Poker & Casino - PS2 Artwork