ArmA - PC

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Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Combat Game
Media: CD Arcade origin:No


The 21 mission campaign (including main missions and sub-missions) takes place on the fictional island of Sahrani which is divided into two countries; the northern one is ruled by a post-socialistic regime whilst the southern system is based on democratic principles. The story begins when political conflicts between these two countries escalate into all out war.

Key Features

* A game from creators of 1.5 million+ bestseller Operation Flashpoint
* 400 square kilometres to explore
* 21 mission singleplayer campaign
* Play the campaign missions cooperatively
* 40+ realistic weapons from modern battlefields
* 2 up to 10 km view distance
* 30+ battle vehicles including APC's, tanks, boats, helicopters and fighter planes
* Up to 100 and more players on one battlefield in JIP multiplayer battles

ArmA features in detail

Realistic war simulation
Step into the most realistic military simulation available to gamers, created with the experience gained from developing Virtual Battlefield System (VBS), as used by the US Marine Corps, Australian Defence Force and numerous other militaries around the world. Realistic gameplay which features fully simulated weapon ballistics, bullet penetration and deflections, it's possible to shoot through wooden walls or other soft materials.

Artificial Intelligence
One of the main areas of focus in AI has been how units behave during combat situations. The AI uses the environment and available cover to their advantage, they'll try to avoid reloading out in the open and they also use objects around them as cover. They also use indirect suppressive firing when appropriate.

Living world
Whilst roaming around the island you'll encounter more than just enemy human forces, but also unpredictable weather, as well as civilians captured in the midst of war's deadly rage. Seagulls and hawks fly overhead, insects such as butterflies, mosquitoes and dragonflies buzz around, all animals in the game have their own levels of AI and appropriate behaviour patterns.

Vast environment to explore
Missions can be far-reaching and take place in various environments like woods, cities or on sandy beaches. The depth and scale of the engine gives the environment an amazing open feeling of real world landscapes, where a helicopter can pick you up and drop you off a few kilometres away. Walking across the island takes more than an hour and even driving from one end of the island to the other would take a long time.

Move freely in the air, on the land and over the water
All vehicles in the game can be driven – jump into a car, grab the controls of a helicopter or sit behind the main gun of a tank – anything can be driven, piloted or jumped out of, rifle in hand, moving forward on foot. ArmA features aircraft that are a balance of semi-realistic flight dynamics whilst still being relatively simply to control and master.

Switching roles in your squad
In most missions you will at some point have the choice as to which role you want to play. For example, in a mission where a tank squad supports an infantry attack, you can choose between the being the leader of the infantry squad, a gunner in one of the tanks or a sniper on a hill.

Cooperative multiplayer
Every successful mission from the campaign can be played as a standalone mission in cooperative multiplayer together with AI soldiers in one squad. Infiltrate an enemy base as members of a Special Forces unit or fight alongside your friend shooting the secondary gun in a tank whilst freeing a city from the enemy's hands.

Capture the island!
Aside from the usual multiplayer modes there are two unique ways to play in ArmA which use all of the full scale multiplayer possibilities. Capture the Island mode covers the whole of the game area with a virtually unlimited number of players involved, the battles take many hours to win and players are able to join or leave the heat of battle at any time thanks to the join-in-progress feature.

Huge fan base and number of mods
Completing the campaign is only a start to ArmA's world. Download hundreds of already existing add-ons, mods, missions and campaigns created by the community. The user friendly editor included with ArmA will attract even more players to this unique game!