Buzz! Junior - PS2

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Making the most of the easy to use ‘Buzzers’, Buzz!: Junior will move away from the distinctly adult Buzz quiz host character and concentrate on simple reflex driven gameplay, strong in-game characterisation, a cheeky Buzz! sense of humour and a heavy dose of fun.

The Buzz! Junior range will launch with Buzz!™ Junior: Jungle Party which has been trialled with kids and parents across Europe. Results have been inspiring with boys, girls and their parents enjoying the light-hearted competition and not wanting the games sessions to end! It was hard to tell who loved the humour and cheekiness more…kids or parents?!

Mark Hardy, SCEE Software Marketing Director commented,

“Buzz!: The Music Quiz introduced the world to buzzer-driven gameplay and has proven to be a huge hit for social gamers who like to have fun and party!”

“This autumn sees us extending the Buzz! franchise to target a new audience of younger kids and their mates. This is an audience who may want to enjoy the sociability and healthy competition of the Buzz! games but may not be old enough to recognise the music and general knowledge questions in the previous titles. With the Buzz! Junior franchise they will have access to a range of bespoke games driven by a simple to use buzzer control system, based on coloured stimulus or reaction timings.”

“Our focus is on creating a party atmosphere with quick games, quirky humour and loads of fun!”

The first title in the series will be called Buzz!™ Junior: Jungle Party and will be released in time for Christmas 2006.