Capcom Classics Collection Remixed - PSP

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Viewed: 2D Combination Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: Capcom Soft. Co.: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (GB/US/GB)
Released: 21 Jul 2006 (GB)
22 Mar 2006 (US)
13 May 2011 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+, ESRB Teen 13+ (T)
Accessories: Memory Duo Stick, Wireless Compatible


Capcom Classics Collection Remixed is a compilation for the PSP that gives you the chance to revisit 20 of Capcom's arcade masterpieces. As well as the obvious choices, like the Street Fighter game, there are some gems like Side Arms and Mega Twins that you may have missed the first time around.

There is a broad selection of games included in the title and there should be something for everyone to enjoy. The list of games included in the title is certainly impressive. As mentioned, you get the original Street Fighter, the game which started the whole fighting phenomenon and created a generation of video game brawlers in the process. Also included in the package are other arcade hits like: 1941, Avengers, Bionic, Black Tiger, Block Block, Captain Commando, Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Last Duel, Legendary Wings, Magic Sword, Mega Twins, Quiz & Dragons, Section Z, Side Arms, The Speed Rumbler, Three Wonders, and Varth. As you play these games and progress through them, you will be able to unlock various tips, music and additional concept artwork.

As you would expect, both the graphics and the sound of the original arcade games have been kept much the same on the PSP. The games are very well emulated, and Capcom have certainly included plenty of visual options to choose from for each title. There is a selection of screen settings to choose from, including the aspect ratio of the original arcade game. Another option is the choice to stretch the game to fit the whole screen or if you are not the adventurous type just choose the normal ratio setting. Vertical games can be played in rotated mode, where you must hold the PSP sideways to view the action.

Capcom Classics Collection Remixed lets you play cooperatively or by alternating turns wirelessly with a friend using the PSP's Ad hoc mode. It is also possible to transfer your high score data to and from other systems while engaging in multiplayer battles.