Steambot Chronicles - PS2

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Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: IREM Soft. Co.: IREM
Publishers: Atlus (US)
505 Games (GB)
Released: 13 Oct 2006 (GB)
23 May 2006 (US)
Ratings: PEGI 12+, ESRB Teen 13+ (T)
Accessories: Memory Card
Features: Vibration Function Compatible, Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only


As cars became more common on city streets, the Trotmobile, a two-legged, walking metal vehicle could be adapted to different road conditions and purposes. The Trotmobile became even more popular as the industrial revolution continued. Eventually, people placed all their hopes and dreams on these metal machines.

Steambot Chronicles is a non-linear RPG, where players must assume the role of a young adventurer called Vanilla Beans who wakes up on a beach with no recollection of where he is or how he got there. Standing over the bemused adolescent is Connie, a singer who has lost her bandmates. It isn’t long before the pair set off together on an unbelievable quest.

Firstly, Vanilla decides to takes Connie back home to the town of Nefroburg where she is reunited with the rest of her band, the Garland Globetrotters. By nature, Vanilla is a nosey chap and decides to stick around to explore Nefroburg. At the end of a very tiring day, Vanilla grabs a seat and relaxes in the town square, where the Globetrotters are performing only to witness a gang of vicious bandits destroying the town.

This is where the game gets really interesting, because how things go from here is totally up to the player. By playing mini-games and completing various missions, players can choose to become a fighter, an explorer, a chef or a bandit, or a mixture of these and more besides. Will Vanilla learn to play an instrument and join the Globetrotters? Will he become a Trotmobile arena fighter? Or, will he become a simple farmer? The choices Vanilla makes, the Trotmobiles he builds, and the friends he keeps, are all up to you.