Chromehounds - Xbox 360

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Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Combat Game
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: From Software Soft. Co.: From Software
Publishers: SEGA (US/GB)
Released: 7 Jul 2006 (GB)
2006 (US)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Connectivity: Live Online Enabled
Accessories: Hard Disk Drive


It is the near future, and unlike summer 2006's North Korean fireworks display, things worldwide are getting scary. The trauma of living in a world of self-empowered willy-wavers has resulted in a plethora of Dick-slash-Heinlein-esque killing machines, striding across wartorn terrain, generally having a blast. Luckily, this Dystopia is not real. It is not the future, it's just From Software and SEGA's Chromehounds making its entry to the 360 fold.

This Mech-a-licious squad-based action title puts players in control of giant mechanized dogs (hounds, see?) of war. There is a single-player option in Chromehounds, but the game is optimised for the multiplayer experience. Solo mode helps you hone your fighting style and brush up on your combat tactics before stepping out into the warzone in either competitive or cooperative gameplay in squads of Hounds. Different positions within squads are available: you can become just 'one of the boys' or you can take control as Tactics Commander and transform your team into the ultimate Mech destruction squad. So strap on the headset that comes bundled with your 360 and bark (ha!) your orders at your fellow hounds. World domination is the prize for the most powerful army in the field - North Koreans need not apply.

Full customisation options invite players to equip and personalise their hounds in thousands of different ways. We are assured that no two hounds can turn out the same. It's the ultimate Pimp My Mech experience, if you must.

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