Crash and Spyro SuperPack Volume 2: Crash Nitro Kart & Spyro: Season of Flame - GBA

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Crash and Spyro SuperPack Volume 2: Crash Nitro Kart & Spyro: Season of Flame (GBA)
Viewed: 2D Combination Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Digital Eclipse Soft. Co.: Vivendi
Publishers: Vivendi (GB)
Released: 22 Jul 2005 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+


Another SuperPack from Vivendi, Crash and Spyro are bundled together again in a bargain Kart racing/platform package. A puzzler-cum-platformer, Season of Flame features a new weapon for Spyro - dynamic, particle-based breath abilities - in addition to a brand new storyline, new characters, new vehicles, larger visual worlds and a greater emphasis on puzzles.

After a much-needed vacation, taking in the Year of the Dragon Festival, Spyro and Sparx return to the Dragon Realms to discover that none of the Dragon Elders are able to breathe fire anymore. Someone has stolen all of the Fireflies, source of all Dragons fiery power. It's up to Spyro to get his breath back and retrieve the stolen fireflies before it's too late.

There are 20 worlds to play through in Season of Flame, and just because this is a Game Boy Advance title, it doesn't mean that these worlds are on a small scale - quite the opposite. Spyro lovers, and there are a lot of us with a soft spot for the cute little fellow, will find plenty to do, as Spyro embarks on a journey to find out why his kind are no longer capable of that special kind of breath.

Undeniably inspired by the renowned Mario Kart, Crash Nitro Kart invites players to take on the role of virtually any character in the Crash universe and race their way through an assortment of comic kart races, complete with weapons, power slides, speed boosts, and the rest.

Serving as a background to the racing, the game's story tells how Crash and friends have been kidnapped by the ruthless Emperor Velo and forced to race in his galactic coliseum. In order to save Earth from destruction, Crash must speed his way to victory, against foes old and new, before the final showdown with Velo himself.

The game features the rather obvious Arcade and Time Trial modes but the main focus of the proceedings is Story mode, in which you select your chosen team of varyingly talented drivers and compete for the aforementioned goal. It's all mapped out in similar style to Diddy Kong Racing, in the fact that, from the outset, you drive around a central hub in order to access the different zones, themselves unlocked gradually via both successful competing and other stuff like collecting items.