2 Games in 1: GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing + MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology - GBA

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2 Games in 1: GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing + MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology (GBA)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: THQ
Publishers: THQ (GB)
Released: 15 Oct 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Connectivity: Link Cable
Accessories: GameCube Game Boy Player


GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing
GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing is a 'tweaked and tampered' with version of the original GT Advance that appeared in Europe in summer 2001, so, no reason to change the brand. Developer MTO knows when they're onto a good thing, and given the popularity of the two preceding titles in the series, why change now? There's not a deal of difference in the gameplay, nor is there a huge improvement in the visuals (there was nothing to complain about in the first two games regarding the graphics, except for the lack of a backlight in the console, and the SP has resolved that particular problem). The action is as smooth and colourful as you would expect. It's a combination of well 'ard gameplay and statistical content where GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing beats all contemporary competition. How do they fit it all in?

There are 90+ authentic cars to race in, from 10 of the most famous names in the auto business. If you know your Japanese imports - some of the cars featured never made it to Europe by conventional means - you're in for a treat. No racer worth its salt would put itself up for scrutiny without the customary upgradeable parts option - the more success you achieve in GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing, the faster you can go in your existing car, and you can upgrade to a newer, quicker motor if you make good enough progression. With all these cars available to race at some point in your Pro Concept Racing career, it's a relief to discover that there are more than enough tracks to conquer. At the last count, there were more than 45 courses on offer, and when you consider that a link cable can double the fun, the entertainment value on offer is huge. In addition to all of this, MTO has included a mini-game within GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing. 'Drift' is a challenge to put together as many combos as possible within three laps of a given course, without losing the powerslide and letting your wheels turn as they normally would. The premise is simple: throw the car into the corner and tease the brakes as you go. Players familiar with Acclaim's Burnout titles on the bigger consoles will know instantly how this part of the game goes.

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology
Forget the future - this is the here and now. Forget four wheels - two are faster. Get your knee down in the corner and hold tight on the straights as you hit over 300 KPH on 16 of the World?s most famous and challenging circuits, including Le Mans, Donington Park, Motegi and more. The best riders from 21 countries compete over 9 exciting and gruelling months to take the championship in the purest combination of man, machine, adrenaline and speed.

MotoGP on Game Boy Advance provides the fastest and most exciting thrill you can hold in your hands! It goes all-out to take hand-held racing to the next level as an authentic simulation of one of the World?s most popular and exciting sports.