Colin McRae Rally 2005 - PC

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Also for: PS2, Xbox
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Sport: Rally
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Codemasters Soft. Co.: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters (GB)
Released: 24 Sept 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Accessories: Control Pad, Steering Wheel


There's nothing quite like Colin when it comes to the rally genre. No disrespect to Sci, but even his closest rival in real life – Richard Burns and his Richard Burns Rally – can't match the mastery of Code...erm...masters' jewel in its crown. And now Colin is back for 2004 in Colin McRae Rally 2005 for PC, getting a simultaneous release alongside its console counterparts. Move over dear, i'll drive.

Over 30 cars are fully simulated, using the much-admired Colin/Codies handling physics. 60's and 70's legends such as the Mini Cooper S, MGC Sebring and Lancia Stratos are included alongside the very latest in Colin's garage - the Nissan Pickup Dakar. In between, all the usual suspects are present: Alfetta GTV, Peugeot 206 and 205, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, Escort RS Cosworth, Clio V6, Beetle RSi, Golf R32 and more. So many cars! There are plenty of vehicle classes and competitions, challenges and stages to plough through too, giving an extended lease of life to the 2005 vintage. And, just to ensure that the fun goes on for as long as possible, it's all playable online. Big bonus with added splashes of mud!

The realism in CM2005 has been turned up a notch or two too, with a new, improved damage engine in full effect. You'll flip out as your car flips, jettisons doors and crumples its bonnet on impact with whatever gets in the way. You'll even see something approaching double if you hit hard enough, gazing dazedly through your virtual visor after, say, running at high speed into a tree.

You don't really need us to tell you anymore about Colin for 2005. Suffice to say that if you've experienced Colin before, and you know Codemasters' track record with racers - Toca included - then you know what to do.


Colin McRae Rally 2005 - PC Artwork

Colin McRae Rally 2005 - PC Artwork