Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor - PC

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Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor (PC)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Strategy: Stealth
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Metropolis Soft. Co.: Metropolis
Publishers: JoWooD (GB)
Released: 25 Jun 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
No Accessories: No Accessories


If you're a fan of the more stealthy action romp then you'll be pleased to discover that another shadowy sneak-em-up has, well, not so much reared its head but rather subtly poked one stealthy eye out from around a shady corner. Developed by Polish outfit Metropolis, the game is Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor - a prequel to the previously released Gorky 17 (aka Odium) - which chronicles the exploits of super-cool protagonist Agent Cole Sullivan.

The game takes place a few years before the events of the aforementioned game, with players participating in one of Sullivan's first missions, a top-secret operation in the Ukraine. The story tells how, in the former Soviet Union, a dangerous sect is depriving people of their own personality and turning them into obedient human robots, to misuse them for terrorist means. The European Union decides to put an end to these misdoings and briefs Sullivan to sort it all out but, before long, the story takes a twist and a sinister plot begins to unravel.

The action throughout the game is presented by two different camera perspectives, with both your regular third-person view and a more distant isometric perspective giving you best advantage for the game's different objectives. The former is used for specific operations such as close up combat, whereas the latter comes into play when surveying your surroundings and planning your sabotage.

In similar vein to Metal Gear, your HUD is equipped with a radar to help you negotiate your way around the field, indicating the location of nearby enemies and helping to determine whether they're actually following you or merely on duty. At which point you can make use of the game's rather nifty Silent Kill feature, which enables you to take out the enemy with one swift blow, providing your aim is good and you remain unnoticed.

With the inclusion of an extensive arsenal of weapons, explosives and those oh-so-lovely gadgets, such as scanners and night-vision devices, Gorky Zero delivers pretty much everything we've come to expect from a stealth-em-up these days. It also boasts a plot written by one of Poland's most popular sci-fi writers, so you can be assured of an intriguing story throughout.


Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor - PC Artwork

Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor - PC Artwork

Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor - PC Artwork