NFL Blitz 2003 - GameCube

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Also for: PS2, Xbox
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Football - American
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Point of View Soft. Co.: Midway
Publishers: Midway (US)
Released: Sept 2002 (US)
Ratings: ESRB Everyone


What's Football Without The Blitz?

Sack up and get ready for the blitz!

Blazing back onto the field is NFL Blitz 20-03, a gridiron firestorm of hard hits, outrageous moves, flying tackles, and things usually left to the imagination.

Bring some courage and your mouthpiece 'cause things just got serious.

  • NEW Create-A-Player mode allows the user to build their alter ego into the game to take on the best the NFL has to offer.

  • NEW Fantasy Stadiums in extraordinary locales and Fantasy Players from the farthest reaches of your imagination.

  • NEW Updated rosters, schedules, uniforms, and stadiums including the addition of the Houston Texans.

  • NEW Explosive, licensed music from music industry superstars and outrageous sound effects that bring the action to a fever pitch.

  • Adrenaline-Style Football - Over-the-top, non-stop, heart-racing action with the fastest, most aggressive brand of football ever invented.

  • 8-on-8 Gameplay - The exclusive NFL Blitz gameplay format means more gridiron for bigger players, bigger plays and bigger hits than any other football videogame!

  • Control - Intuitive, fast-action, adrenaline-style controls including the exclusive NFL Blitz Point-N-Pass system as well as icon passing.

  • Over-the-Top Animations - More then 1,500 outrageous, over-the-top animations featuring your favorite NFL players performing as they only dream they could.

  • Fantastic Graphics - Enormous 3D player models with ripped physiques and real player faces.

  • Officially Licensed - NFL and NFL PLAYERS INC licenses mean that you can play all of your favorite NFL teams and players in your favorite NFL stadiums.