Dance eJay 6: The Evolution - PC

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Dance eJay 6: The Evolution (PC)
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Practical: Music
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: eJay Soft. Co.: eJay
Publishers: eJay (GB)
Released: 7 Nov 2003 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
Accessories: Microphone, Mouse, Keyboard


Dance eJay 6: The Evolution celebrates the final chapter in this award winning music creation franchise, offering the best ever 3D sound engine to date, the most user friendly interface as yet, plus a whole host of brand new technology, features, effects and instruments never seen before!

Dance eJay 6 will turn your PC into a state-of-the-art recording studio with the click of a button. Revolutionise your music with an amazing 4,000 stunning Hard Dance samples, enhanced futuristic graphics, improved instruments and the all-new Curve Editing functionality that allow the user to actually vary parameters over time, allowing even more musical creativity than ever before. With this cutting edge musical technology users can produce hard and fast club music to rival the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha or Jeff Mills.

In addition to all of this, Dance eJay 6 will also house a brand new Live Remixer - remix and record live in a new and innovative fashion…and all in real time. Never before has a live mixing element been developed for the PC.

<ul><li>Over 4,000 royalty-free and brand new Hard Dance samples</li>

<li>Stylish 48-track sound mixer in CD Quality for arranging and composing tracks</li>

<li>Extensive FX Studio for editing samples and creating new ones</li>

<li>New Curve Edit functionality - allows the user to change the level of FX over time on a per track basis</li>

<li>New Zoom Function - for that precise overview and close-up editing of curve points</li>

<li>Live Jam Mode - First time ever ported to PC platform! Trigger lopped samples on/of using keyboard/mouse</li>

<li>Backwards Compatibility - Dance eJay 6 will be backwardly compatible with Dance eJay 5/Techno 4</li>

<li>Sample Search Criteria - Refine your search and find that specific sample</li>

<li>Polyphonic Mophonix Synth - Brand new Polyphonic sound support, new to the eJay Dance series</li>

<li>Hyper X Generator - Improved version of Hyper Generator allowing the creation of much more realistic sounds</li>

<li>Bass X Generator - Improved version of Bass Generator giving you the ability to create realistic sounding synths directly to your mix</li>

<li>Groove Generator - Now with Shuffle Function</li>

<li>Mophonix Supabass - Brand new Bass Synth, new to the eJay series</li>

<li>Recording Studio - record from any soundcard input - CD, microphone, instruments or any external device</li>

<li>3D VJ Box - creat the perfect visuals to your mix</li>

<li>Direct grabbing from CD for remixing</li>

<li>Voice Generator - lay samples on top of one another and see what comes out</li></ul>

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