Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight! - PC

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Also for: PS2
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Combat Game: Flying
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: InterActive Vision Games Soft. Co.: InterActive Vision Games
Publishers: ValuSoft (US)
Released: Sept 2003 (US)


Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight! - PC Screen

Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight! - PC Screen

Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight! - PC Screen

Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight! - PC Screen


4am Entertainment Corporation Ltd brings all of the excitement and danger of WWII aerial combat to the home computer with Pacific Warriors 2 Dogfight! Boasting 50 missions (25 per side), four unique historical planes to fly and fully animated landscapes with anti-aircraft placements, vehicles and battleships; the game is set to become a blast-fest for total supremacy of the skies.

Bringing in a unique RPG element, the loading of the weapons is a simple affair using a points system to upgrade guns and bombs, letting the games player get into the action almost immediately. Points are awarded at the end of each mission based on completion time, number of enemies and placements destroyed and accuracy of weapons, to name but a few. Fighter controls are intuitive and fully compatible with all third party flight sticks and throttle combinations.

Involving gameplay provides a varied list of missions such as flying the bombing runs of enemy cargo and battleships to the calculated displacement of anti-aircraft gun sites on the shores of the remote pacific islands. Frenzied dogfights ensue as you keep the invaders away from allied airfields and villages. In the dead of night the player faces numerous recon missions, spotting any suspicious enemy activity and reporting it back to base.

Creating a climatic atmosphere, the developers have included realistic radio chatter which includes (for those fluent in Japanese) a bucket full of swearing and cussing from the Japanese pilot as his plane gets shot down!

Attention to detail has been a key focus in the game, giving the player a satisfying feeling when a plane is hammered out of the sky, a landmark is accurately bombed or a torpedo hits the water. Smouldering debris, trees in flames, billowing black smoke and huge water splashes are order of the day and unlike a lots of games of its genre the subsequent battlefield damage remains throughout the duration of the mission.

Following a historical time line after the events of Pearl Harbour, the player begins on a training mission, which gets cut short as the call for war goes out over the radio airwaves. Very quickly a crucial decision needs to be made. The plane is in the air and is armed with machine guns, but is designed for bombing runs not dogfights. Should you take it back to the airfield and swap it for the nimble fighter plane? Time is running out and the enemy fighters are approaching...

Key Features
  • RPG element - upgrading plane stats though a points based system

  • Battle damage animation, burning trees and gratifying carnage!

  • 'Dogfight', 'Recon' and 'Bombing' missions

  • 50 missions with ad-hoc submissions - for game play longevity

  • Campaign missions with increasing difficulty

  • Ability to change aircraft mid-way through a mission

  • Multiple views; including a special bomb targeting camera.