Walking With Dinosaurs - PC

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Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Educational: History
Strategy: Management
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Asylum Entertainment Soft. Co.: BBC Multimedia
Publishers: BBC Multimedia (GB)
Released: Dec 2001 (GB)


Walking With Dinosaurs - PC Screen

Walking With Dinosaurs - PC Screen

Walking With Dinosaurs - PC Screen

Walking With Dinosaurs - PC Screen


Walking With Dinosaurs combines the massive capabilities of the computer game with the aims of a factual documentary. With vast and varied landscapes and terrains to explore, hundreds of creatures to observe and interact with in all sorts of activities, and some groundbreaking cinematic visuals and sound, this is a very special project indeed. The game will have a strong emphasis on re-playability, with animals behaving differently each time they are encountered, and the player being rewarded for thorough exploration and intelligent thought. And this will certainly be an experience the player will want to re-live...

Walking with Dinosaurs builds on the Explore Mode component of the Prototype and will result in a product which can be downloaded free form the Web onto a range of PC's, and enjoyed as an interactive documentary experience.

Summary of features

The user will be able to:

  • Choose a version of the application scaled to perform well on their PC, and appropriate to their download bandwidth, download it, and install it

  • Navigate an interesting environment in first person, with the ultimate goal of seeing and hearing all there is to see/hear

  • See dinosaurs, observe their behaviour, and see evidence they leave behind

  • Hear context sensitive narration on creatures, plants, locations and events

  • Receive hints from the narrator in conjunction with a dynamically updated map of the environment, showing which areas have been explored

  • Be motivated to revisit areas to hear or see something new or find a previously undiscovered route to a new area.

  • Use a separate 'cheat' mode corresponding to experiment mode where dinosaurs can be created