Motorsiege: Warriors of Prime Time - PS2

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Also for: PS3
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Combat Game: Driving
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Play It (GB)
Released: 13 Jun 2003 (GB)


Motorsiege - Take control of customizable, futuristic vehicles and battle your way to fame and glory in this high-energy, fast-paced and stylized 3D combat racing game that features deadly and dynamic environments, wide range of gameplay modes and strong rival characters.

<ul><li>Multiple Gameplay Modes - Unlike most combat racing games only offering ‘Deathmatch’ as the only gameplay mode, Motorsiege has ‘Siege mode’ (Capture The Flag variant) Fox-and-Hound, Hunter/Hunted and traditional Deathmatch.

<li>Strong Rival Characters - In the Career mode of Motorsiege you will start your journey in amateur events in run-down industrial areas and progress to professional events held on specially built courses in the city.

<li>Unique Driving Model - You race in vehicles called "Skimmers" that are extremely maneuverable in which the elevation off the ground can be controlled, allowing you to go over obstacles instead of around them. You can also throw the skimmer into a powerslide that allows you to face a different direction, allowing you to shoot in one direction while traveling in another.

<li>Upgradable Vehicles - The game features a flexible parts-oriented vehicle system were you use your prize money to upgrade your vehicle.

<li>Secondary Objectives - Winning a race is one thing, but can you win without ever blowing up? Or can you destroy everyone else? By completing secondary goals within each event you unlock new tracks and extra cash to upgrade your vehicle.</ul>