Hugo Bukkazoom - GBA

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Hugo Bukkazoom (GBA)
Also for: PC, PS2
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: ITE Media Soft. Co.: ITE Media
Publishers: ITE Media (GB)
Released: Aug 2003 (GB)


Together with his family, friends and sworn enemies, Hugo has been invited to race with his wild and wacky animated carts in the world of the Greenflies. This is a world of slushy swamps, bone-strewn deserts and country landscapes. What makes it more exciting is the fact that Hugo and his companions have been shrunk to the size of the Greenflies themselves! This makes for a fun-filled racing adventure with new and thrilling challenges.

Bukkazoom differentiates itself from other race games by it's combination of interactive and intelligent check points, open and free roaming levels that equally emphasis combat and racing, realistic features, unique and intuitive power ups, and a scoring system that opens up for strategies - Bukkazoom takes cart racing to a whole new level.

Bukkazoom has been developed with the whole family in mind, ensuring that there will be hours of fun for both young and old player as it has advanced Artificial Intelligence and a customised dynamic difficulty adjustment system.

Many playable characters from the Hugo world tease and fight each other both verbally and physically in a wacky animated world of fun. The characters do a lot of talking during the game and they all have their own way of being kind, rude and obnoxious - both when winning and when losing!

Characters show off their talents when shooting other cars, driving each other off the pathways, capturing check points, arriving at the goal first, getting power ups, when getting hit by someone, or just when they see someone they like or someone they don't!

In Bukkazoom you play with the checkpoints, and the checkpoints play with you. Power ups will be dropped all over the levels by insects, differing from usual cart games where power ups just pop up from nowhere, and again the live actions ensure a more immersive experience for players. In a unique new manner you can pick up different power ups, and mix them to get all new power ups with new abilities - again to support game play.

With a refreshing new game play style, a unique mix of combat and free-roam racing, single and multi player possibilities, and exciting checkpoints, Hugo's entry to the GBA scene is guaranteed to entertain.