Downtown Run - GameCube

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Downtown Run (GameCube)
Also for: PC, PS2
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Ubisoft (GB)
Released: 4 Apr 2003 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card


Racing at breakneck speeds in posh cars around city streets has always gone down well with video gamers. F1 racing is all well and good, but can be hardcore at times, which is why it's always nice to see titles like this come along, offering simple, high-speed arcade racing.

Downtown Run offers players an intense racing experience whilst keeping the fun element high, providing a wide variety of picturesque locations in which to burn some rubber. To be more precise, there are a total of 26 circuits set across an assortment of prestigious European and North American cities, including the likes of Paris, London, Rome, Moscow, Lisbon, NY, and Montreal. As no racing game these days would be complete without boasting a wealth of real cars that you can get your hands on, Downtown Run doesn't disappoint, delivering a total of 14 licensed cars from such luminaries as Audi, Peugeot, Renault, VW, Saab, Ford, MG and Mitsubishi.

Progression through the game requires players to unlock new vehicles and tracks, a task generally achieved via the use of a variety of power-ups. There are 12 of these power-ups, enabling players to attack opponents or boost their own car and generally helping in the quest to defeat the game's adversaries and subsequently go on to uncover such vehicles as the Audi TT, Ford Mustang or the new VW Beetle.

Eight game modes are available in total, all self explanatory, including Quick Race, Count Down, Last Man Standing, Sudden Death, and Bet Race. But where the game stands out is in the inclusion of its 'prestige' system, which places an emphasis on risk, rewarding players who perform dangerous moves whilst avoiding accidents.