Daredevil - GBA

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Daredevil (GBA)
Viewed: 2D Combination Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Griptonite Games Soft. Co.: THQ
Publishers: THQ (GB)
Released: 28 Feb 2003 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
No Accessories: No Accessories


In light of the successful superhero lad-flick, which hit cinemas in early 2003, it comes as no surprise that publishing giant THQ has unleashed the GBA 2D game just weeks after.

Assuming control of an unlikely - and blind - superhero, you'll follow Daredevil on a brand new, crime-stopping, old school beat-em-up scroller in similar vein to Streets of Rage. You'll be the blind hero's eyes for this outing, as you combat myriad vigilantes desperate to stop you in your tracks.

You'll use basic punch and kick attacks, combos and the occasional special move to dispose of the oncoming evil. There are 23 levels to plough through, so these basic and somewhat familiar controls make the game very easy to pick up and perhaps even easy to master. But to balance things out a little, developer Griptonite has upped the ante a little with increased difficulty - Daredevil is no walkover.

Those familiar with the Daredevil cast will pleased to hear that infamous villains such as Kingpin, Elektra and Bullseye make welcome appearances, as does Daredevil's trademark Radar Sense ability. There are some 40 unlockable secrets to hunt down as you trawl through the massive but linear game world, which includes comic strip cover art and character biographies. There's plenty here to keep players going, and there's a good dollop of replay value thrown in for good measure.