Freestyle MetalX - Xbox

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Freestyle MetalX (Xbox)
Also for: PS2, GameCube
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Sport: Motorcycle
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Midway (GB)
Released: 19 Sept 2003 (GB)
Accessories: Xbox Memory Unit


Video games and extreme sports go together like Laurel and Hardy, that's a fact. Extreme sports as a genre gets more and more crowded as the months go by, and demonstrating that they have something new to offer to this type of game experience, Midway bring us Freestyle MetalX - fast motorcycles, stunts galore, and lashings of heavy metal. Let's rock!

Competitions include Big Air, Freestyle, Race and Hill Climb, and any of these can be played from the outset. It pays to get some practice in before the main event - career mode. A neat twist on Freestyle MetalX's gameplay comes in the shape of what Midway call 'Seamless Levels'. This means the player can unlock each race level and have them linked together, allowing them to ride from one level to the next without loading. As you can imagine, this makes for some huge levels as you progress through the game, and it's well worth persevering with what can be a difficult learning curve, as you master the stunt combos and tricks . Progress also means access to side events such as Bus Jumping, Wall of Death and Tunnel of Fire, sub-games including motocross pinball and, erm, human darts!

All this goes on during Freestyle MetalX's career mode - the kind of mode where you earn more and more plaudits and hard cash as you go along. This is the most rewarding part of the FMX experience, but if you're not satisfied with what's on offer, you have the option to customise your bike and rider to add a personal touch, and a level editor is featured too, so you can create your own demanding tracks. One-off challenges are present too, including Long Jump, High Jump, Longest Wheelie, Longest Endo and Gymnastics. There's so much to do in Freestyle MetalX, you'll most likely find yourself coming back to it again and again.