Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection - PS2

Got packs, screens, info?
Viewed: 3D First-person, Gun game Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Raster Soft. Co.: id Software
Publishers: Activision (GB)
Released: 6 Jun 2003 (GB)
Ratings: BBFC 15, ESRB Mature 17+ (M)
Features: Vibration Function Compatible, Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only
Accessories: Memory Card


Back to the castle then, and things are pretty much the same as they ever were. If you're at all familiar with Wolfenstein lore, you'll know what to expect. If you're a newcomer - this is the series debut on PS2 - then dim the lights, put on some tight, fresh pants, and approach with caution. There are bad people doing bad things in this game, and it'll make you want to kill.

Watch the introductory FMV to the game and you'll get to the root of the tale. Suffice to say that a thousand years have done nothing to dim the power of evil of the Dark Knights, and Heinrich, the supremely dastardly one, in particular. In Europe, Himmler has already located Heinrich's tomb and is in possession of other ancient texts. He's searching for a serum in a hidden grave which he plans to use to create modern day Dark Knights. Condemned to a living tomb, Heinrich's influence has merely been contained, and despite the warning signs dotted around the sealed earth that mark his resting place, 1943 sees Himmler and co. discover the remote location of the tomb. Without Himmler thinking along the lines of resurrecting Heinrich, and fashioning an army of the undead, we wouldn't be returning to the castle for another classic tale of good versus evil, so let's go kill some bad guys!

OSA (Office of Secret Actions) intelligence reports have linked Himmler's quest for ancient texts on occult rituals to recent Nazi activity in Africa. Evidence exists that Himmler has sent operatives from a newly formed 'SS Paranormal Division' into a small village in the north of Egypt. This is where you finally get into the action, as you make your way through the narrow streets and grand (and not so grand) buildings. Danger lurks around almost every corner, so going in with all guns blazing is not advisable. Sneak around stealthily and conserve your energy is what we say…

It's good to finally see Wolfenstein make an appearance on the PS2. We have to wonder why it took so long to materialise, but now it's here, go get one. Unless, that is, you own a copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War already. For those who own both a Microsoft Xbox and a PS2, a note of caution: don't be misled by the Operation Resurrection suffix applied to this Wolfenstein title - it's eerily similar to Tides of War on the Xbox. Granted, the PS2 version has undergone some genetic changes of its own, much like some of the creatures you'll encounter in the game. But the minimal differences may persuade those with the necessary funds to spend to complete the set. We reckon that one or the other will keep you entertained for many an hour, and given the choice, we'd plump for Operation Resurrection. Killer!