Tropico: Paradise Island - PC

Also known as: Tropico - Paradise Island

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Viewed: 2D Isometric, Scrolling Genre:
Add-on pack
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: GOD Soft. Co.: Take 2
Publishers: Take 2 (GB)
Released: 11 Jan 2002 (GB)
Ratings: 11+


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You can almost hear the melodic chimes of the steel drums as you sit down to play Tropico for the PC. Paradise Island is the official add-on pack for this Caribbean God game. It’s resource management at its most relaxed level. Become a dictator and gain complete control of every single aspect your subjects’ lives. What kind of dictator will you be? Good or evil, can you make a success out of your island? Or are you doomed to swim with the sharks.

In Tropico, players must first build the necessary structures to facilitate crop production and other business ventures. Resources must be mined to encourage the economy, and other buildings such as pubs and churches can be constructed to please the locals.

The moral decisions are one of the reasons why Tropico is such an engaging game to play, similar in fashion to Black and White. Do you try to please your islanders or crush their unruliness with force? There are many different character types with varying personalities and how they react to you is anyone’s guess.

You have the chance to realise your father's dream, to make your small atoll a leading tourist destination. Of course, how you go about this is left entirely to your discretion. As with the majority of God games, there are many possible actions and scenarios where each decision you make will have direct or indirect consequences. Easy at first but when several events occur simultaneously, it can be pleasantly stressful trying to deal with them all.

Paradise Island is a worthy add-on pack. If you completed the first game and would like more of the same, this is where it’s at.