Ecks vs Sever - GBA

Got packs, screens, info?
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Crawfish Soft. Co.: BAM!
Publishers: BAM! (GB/US)
Released: 14 Dec 2001 (GB)
2001 (US)
Ratings: 11+, ESRB Everyone
No Accessories: No Accessories


Following the mighty PC releases of Doom and Wolfenstein in the early nineties, the first-person shoot-em-up genre hit the roof, smashed through and just kept on going. And now it appears as though the old ‘Doom clone’ terminology is about to spring back into action following the release of Doom for Game Boy Advance. The first contender for Doom-beater status is Ecks vs Sever from BAM Entertainment.

Thankfully (for some), Ecks vs Sever takes on a sinister but less gory approach to the first-person shooter and includes a more involving plot line. There is a considerable amount of dialogue in the beginning, but it is all relevant to your ultimate goal within this great 3D handheld title.

Getting into the game proper, you will begin in a seemingly abandoned warehouse armed with only a pistol. But you will barely make it past the first room before you are attacked by gun-wielding bad guys. Obliterating those that stand in your way and collecting the weapons and armour they leave behind, your goal is simply to reach the end of each level. It’s nice, steady gameplay that offers the same classic shoot-em-up action that made the genre so popular to start with.

Also, you have to give credit once again to developer Crawfish for producing a visually stunning piece of work. Although limited by primitive technology, Ecks vs Sever looks relatively gorgeous compared to most other software on the platform.

Quite simply, Ecks vs Sever is an old-school Doom clone that you can take anywhere, and there’s nothing wrong with that.