Ultimate Quake Pack - PC

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Ultimate Quake Pack (PC)
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Raster Soft. Co.: id Software
Publishers: Activision (GB)
Released: 23 Nov 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 15+
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Quake is easily one the most successful first-person shooters of all time. There’s a simple reason for this: it has amazingly addictive and balanced gameplay. Sure, it might be just 'kill or be killed', but once you dive into the Quake universe, it’s very easy to get lost in it. This Ultimate Quake pack gives you the original Quake, its official sequel and the multi-player orientated Quake 3. What more could a shooter fan want?

Quake 3 Arena is the finest example of the first-person shooter genre, wowing players across the globe. The id Software team have the balance of the game absolutely spot on. The entire focus of Quake 3 Arena is on super fast death-match action and it's delivered on a spanking new dedicated 3D engine. Capable of fully curved and organic surfaces, the new engine makes the title stand head and shoulders above the rest. Along with the LAN (Local Area Network) and much-hyped Internet play comes the one player action. You have been supplied with an army of AI guided 'bots' to murder.

In Quake 2 You play a rough tough marine, despatched to a hostile planet to commence battle with the Strogg, an ugly, vicious bunch of mutants who, instead of asking ‘Are you local?’ prefer to pick a fight instead. The mission levels are played over humungous areas, and the atmosphere is just about the creepiest we've seen in a video game, which is helped along by a sinister goth-metal soundtrack. The enemy are a brutal force for sure, but maybe a little dim, because they do leave weapons and ammunition lying around for you to pick up. Some of these weapons are a joy to work with, such as the chaingun or the BFG (this must be an acronym, it’s big and it’s a gun, use your imagination). There are also hidden areas, which conceal more weapons and secrets. The best way to find these is to keep your eyes peeled for any strange kind of movements from floors and walls. These are usually clues as to where something is concealed.

Game modes include single player against the computer, which is entertaining enough because of the Strogg’s AI, but Quake 2 really starts kicking ass in multi-player mode. The deathmatch options are a scream, literally, and a great way of letting your closest friends know how you really feel about them when they’ve hacked you off.

Quake is the game that kick-started the FPS genre into the polygon world. Forget about the practically 2D world of Doom, and say hello to up and down. Quake still remains highly enjoyable as a single and multi-player experience.

This bundle represents some of the best games of all time, and considering the asking price, it would be silly to miss out on it. Unless, of course, you already own all three.