F1 2001 - PC

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F1 2001 (PC)
Also for: PS2, Xbox
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Racing: Formula One
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Electronic Arts Soft. Co.: Electronic Arts
Publishers: Electronic Arts (GB)
Released: 5 Oct 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Control Pad, Steering Wheel


The first Formula 1 game to the market with the official 2001 season content is Electronic Arts F1 2001. It’s hard for any fan of motor racing not to dream about getting behind the wheel of one these supercars. In F1 2001 you have the chance to race against the best drivers in the world to become the champion of the 2001 season.

F1 2001 can teach you the basics of driving an F1 car with tutorial sessions in the Arrows two-seater. You can become familiar with the circuits, learn the racing line, and how to get the most out of your car. Real data from the Orange Arrows team will help you master the finer aspects of vehicle control, understand pit strategy, and how to best set your car up for any given circuit.

F1 2001 features some of the best artificial intelligence yet seen in a Formula 1 game. The computer controlled drivers seem to be alive sometimes. Forget about computer cars that ignore you, these guys want to win and that means overtaking and blocking. Alternatively, you can use EA’s matchplay service to find and race against other players on the Internet.

In addition to the competitive racing on offer, Electronic Arts has tweaked the graphical engine to give a realistic sensation of speed. Higher-resolution modes allow more detail to be displayed at once, increasing the realism and accuracy of the title.

F1 2001 is the F1 game on the PC at the moment, fans of the sport should not miss this hot simulation.