S Club 7 on the Road - PC

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S Club 7 on the Road (PC)
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: BBC Multimedia (GB)
Released: 30 Nov 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 3+


Pop music, then. Disposable, throwaway, awash with ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ artists and their constant drudgery of song. But not in S Club 7’s case, oh no. Three handsome lads, four lovely young ladies, and a snazzy line in pure, unadulterated pop fun, that’s what you get with the 7. This combo’s appeal goes right across the board: catchy tunes for the oldies to whistle along to, mostly upbeat songs for youngsters to take their first nervous dance steps. If you’re a young fan, or have any interest in the machinations behind a successful pop act, S Club 7 – On the Road is the package for you. Try to get hold of the pack that comes with the microphone included - karaoke!

There are many things to do in this game to keep the pop machine well oiled and running to its capacity. If you fancy helping Rachel to drive around and collect the rest of the band, then you can do it here. The task is to pick up every band member and make it to the airport in time to fly off to a gig.

Dressing well is high on the 7’s agenda, and nowhere is this truer than at a photocall. In the segment called Dress for Success, Bradley can’t decide what to wear, so you have to help him choose the appropriate outfit for the shoot.

Hit the Track is an ideal game to play along with others. Test your knowledge of S Club 7’s music by identifying clips of their best-known tunes.

You get another chance to show off your nous with Reach the Top. This is a straightforward quiz about the history of the band.

Exclusive Interview is a chance to grill the group about all manner of things, and you can then save and edit your own unique footage.

The Party section allows you to customise your own S Club 7-themed party kit, consisting of invitations, place mats, name place cards and signs. All you need to provide is the music.

There’s a limited edition microphone provided with the game. There’s no indication of exactly how limited it is, but it’s essential to fully enjoy the Band Rehearsal segment. This is where you get to choose one of the band’s many hits, and sing along, karaoke-style.

Parents, stock up on the painkillers now! S Club 7 – On the Road will certainly keep your kids occupied. Whether it’ll keep them quiet is another matter…

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