Kuru Kuru Kururin - GBA

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Kuru Kuru Kururin (GBA)
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Eighting Soft. Co.: Eighting
Publishers: Nintendo (GB)
Released: 22 Jun 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 3+


Kuru Kuru Kuruin is the first puzzle game to be released for the Game Boy Advance. A landmark and a monumental achievement in itself, but what counts is that what we have here is an original and devilishly addictive title.

What you control in Kuru Kuru Kuruin is a constantly rotating stick-shaped ship. The levels consist of a start and finish point and you must successfully navigate between the two points. Sounds simple enough, but timing, judgement and correct movement are essential for success. You see, your stick will only make it through certain sections of the level if it is at the correct angle and because it is rotating, you have to be quick. Add the fact that you have a time limit to contend with and can see the challenge ahead of you.

Puzzle games have a habit of becoming progressively harder after the first few levels and Kuru Kuru Kuruin is no exception. Just to make your gaming life that little bit harder, you will soon stumble across moving obstacles like mines and evil spiky things. Hitting these objects results in a time penalty and if you run out of time, you fail.