Necrocide: The Dead Must Die - PC

Got packs, screens, info?
Viewed: 3D First-person, Gun game Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Novalogic Soft. Co.: Novalogic
Publishers: Novalogic (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)
Ratings: 15+
Accessories: Mouse, Control Pad, Keyboard


The subject of horror is all fine and dandy, but there is a thin line that separates horror in its scary form and in its plain uncomfortable, disturbing guise. Necrocide: The Dead Must Die from Novalogic pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in a gruesome and intriguing first-person shooter for PC.

For those still unclear about what type of game this is, Necrocide could be described as a cross between Sega classic House of the Dead and your average first-person shooter. Not a bad combination, eh?

In this particular reality, the human being is an expendable asset for vampires. Not content with mere mortals, four powerful vampires have developed a means of survival without the need for human blood. Uh-oh. After raising the dead and creating armies of evil soldiers, the vampires have a significant advantage. It appears you’re the only one capable of saving humankind.

As with most games, the early stages are relatively simple and give the player the opportunity to become accustomed to the handling of the game. Soon after, you’ll be faced with hordes of flesh-eating zombies and other hostile creatures. The gameplay is also fast-paced, keeping players on their toes throughout the entirety of the game. A variety of weapons and power-ups will help to make the game a little more manageable, but the overall challenge is still immense.

The environments are typically chilling, both indoor and outdoor, and help to create a surreal and terrifying atmosphere.

Multi-player options and environments are the so called ‘icing on the cake’ for Necrocide, for it is here that the most fun can be had.

So, we have another comprehensive shoot-em-up from Novalogic. It’s well worth sinking your teeth into.