Anarchy Online - PC

Got packs, screens, info?
Anarchy Online (PC)
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Funcom Soft. Co.: Funcom
Publishers: Funcom (GB)
Released: 28 Sept 2001 (GB)
Ratings: BBFC 18
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


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The world of on-line play is becoming increasingly popular as the gaming community expands and begins to make use of broadband connections. Anarchy Online, a Funcom Game, has now been released and is said to be one of the few and greatest on-line RPGs in existence.

Set in 29.475 AD (you know, the future), Earth has colonised many planets because of over-population. Rubi-Ka, a resourceful planet with many colonies, has come under fire. As a resident of the distant planet, you must choose between one of two conflicting sides. You can either side with the corporate rulers or you can rebel for your planet, protecting the resources that are rightly yours.

The world of Rubi-Ka is completely fictional, of course, but has been rendered in full 3D, allowing for some imaginative and detailed environments to be created. Naturally, Anarchy On-line has a very strong storyline with many plot twists and turns that will continue to surprise its players. When playing, the game environment is not dissimilar to the Sega classic Phantasy Star Online, as you will continually be confronted with a variety of hostile animals and ferocious monsters. But as long as you can hack and slash with reasonable pace and force, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

That’s not to say Anarchy Online offers little challenge. On the contrary, playing against a series of human-controlled players from all corners of the globe is a mean task, but it’s here where the best of the gameplay lies.

Johnny Rotten singing about anarchy in the UK all those years ago now seems like the biggest of understatements!