Emperor: Battle For Dune - PC

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Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Westwood Studios Soft. Co.: Westwood Studios
Publishers: Electronic Arts (GB)
Released: 15 Jun 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 15+


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Emperor: Battle For Dune delivers you straight into the legendary science-fiction saga Dune - but this time in stunning 3D.

Emperor: Battle For Dune allows you to play one of three unique cultures: the evil Harkonans, the noble Attreides or the secretive Ordos. Play your cards right and you can align with any of the five powerful sub-groups.

The subgroups allow the progression of technologies and new and improved units as you play in one of the four play modes: Solo, head-to-head, co-operative with a friend, or aggressively against the computer.

With five wonderfully rendered maps, the game has a lot of re-playability. In addition, once you have completed the single player modes you can connect yourself to the Internet and play against players from around the globe. With over 150 single-player missions, you will not be putting this game down soon.

With each mission being different you must hold your ground, defeat your enemies or shy away and retreat. The right tactics at the right time will mean the difference between success and failure.

In Emperor: Battle For Dune, you control everything from the small dust scouts, to the huge Devastator. Each one will play a vital role in your own tactical battle plan. You may feel that your dust scouts are dispensable, but be careful because your veterans have more fire power and special ability which may come in handy later.

The game captures the magic of the epic and allows you to ride even the great sand worms. So, take off your gloves and let the lies, conversing and bloodshed start.


Emperor: Battle For Dune - PC Artwork

Emperor: Battle For Dune - PC Artwork

Emperor: Battle For Dune - PC Artwork

Emperor: Battle For Dune - PC Artwork