Bugs Bunny And Taz: Time Busters - PC

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Also for: PlayStation
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Adventure: Graphic
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: A2M Soft. Co.: Warner Brothers
Publishers: Infogrames (GB/US/GB)
Released: Dec 2000 (US)
12 Oct 2001 (GB)
8 Dec 2000 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Control Pad


Cartoon superstars Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil, Taz are joining forces to save Grannies precious time regulator. You see one day Granny was having a problem with Rats in her house and decided to call in an exterminator by the name Daffy Duck. As you can probably imagine things didn’t go to plan with the looney tune running amuck and Daffy accidentally destroyed the time regulator and got himself and the time crystal thrown back through time. Additionally, the cogs the make the regulator run were also scattered throughout various locations and time periods. Enter our heroes Bugs and Taz, they must travel through time and recover the crystal and all of the cogs to undo Daffy’s Daffying.

Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters is a platform, adventure game in the third dimension similar to Nintendo’s modern classic Mario 64. What makes this title stand out from the other 3D platformers is the dual control system. You actually have direct control of both Bugs and Taz and can swap between them at ant time. This means that you have to work together as a team to successfully negotiate some of the problems and obstacles in the game. A good example is that Taz has enough strength to push big blocks around and can move them into place to enable Bugs to reach cogs. Additionally, Taz can break the ground so Bugs can tunnel underneath.

If you have an above average 3D accelerator card, Bugs universe looks amazing. The high-resolution modes add a certain clarity to the levels and each stage is detailed and colourful. It’s cool seeing character like Yo Sammity Sam in the Aztec time period and Tweety Bird is usually on hand to teach you new moves and techniques. Bugs and Taz: Timebusters is a good game with lots to do with an un-frustrating challenge