The Jungle Book Groove Party - PlayStation

Also known as: Jungle Book: El Libro de la Selva', 'Walt Disney?s The Jungle Book Rhythm N?Groove

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Also for: PC, PS2
Viewed: 3D Third person, into the screen Genre:
Practical: Music
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Ubisoft Soft. Co.: Disney
Publishers: Sony (GB/US/JP/GB/GB)
Released: 26 Oct 2001 (GB)
Nov 2000 (GB/US)
Unknown (JP)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card, Dual Shock JoyPad
Features: Vibration Compatible


Disney’s animated films have always been huge successes, often with adults as well as children. Jungle Book, one of the many classics available, is about to get busy on the dancefloor with this PlayStation party game. Jungle Book Groove Party is set to give lots more than the simple ‘bear necessities’. What’s more, as a dance game, Groove Party is among the first games to utilise the optional dance pad, allowing you to control the game with your feet and even get a little exercise for those that need it.

Groove Party is based only loosely on the film version of the story: you will only take part in the musical sections of the story. The game is basically the same as any other dance title, in that it’s up to you to get into the rhythm and hit the buttons, or move your feet if you have the dance mat, to the beat of the music. You will be dancing against the likes of Baloo, Bagheera, and King Louie in a challenge to become the ultimate jungle groover. However, choose your difficulty settings with great care as the learning curve is a steep one, and you may soon find yourself losing all momentum.

While still aimed at a younger audience, games of this type typically have reputation for being fantastic party games among adults too. Try it, it’s a laugh.