Carl Lewis Athletics 2000 - Game Boy Color

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Carl Lewis Athletics 2000 (Game Boy Color)
Also for: PC
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Sport: Athletics
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Planet Interactive Soft. Co.: Ubisoft
Publishers: Ubisoft (GB/JP)
Released: 15 Sept 2000 (GB)
Unknown (JP)
Ratings: 3+


It started back when you had your Commodore 64. You don’t know why you liked it but you did. The game was Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, and you played it. Your mother would complain that you were going to break your joystick, and even while playing it, sweating away, you were puzzled why you couldn’t put it down. Then you got to thinking about what video games would be like in the year 2000. So advanced and complex; unrecognisable.

Seriously though, Carl Lewis Athletics 2000 comes from a fine stable of button-bashing athletics based games. The granddaddy and grandmammy of the family being International Track and Field and Hyper Olympics from Konami.

Released to coincide with the 2000 Olympics, though ominously lacking an official endorsement, Carl Lewis is not a bad little game. It plays as you would expect: the faster you bash the buttons, the faster your little Carl will run. The events he participates in include long jump, pole vault, javelin and all manner of running events right up to the 1500 metres.

Some of the camera angles Ubisoft have employed are original to the genre, but that is the only innovation. This game is exactly what you would expect. We like it!